Supply Chain Management & Sustainability

We optimize your supply chain using a comprehensive approach to logistics, all related business areas, external partners and legal regulations .

  • Supplier Management
    Sustainable and effective cooperation with suppliers based on transparent processes and key figures
  • Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations for the Prevention of Human Rights Violations in Supply Chains (LkSG)
    Ensuring compliance and recognizing opportunities through legislation
  • Managing Inventory Flows
    Overall control and optimization of inbound & outbound deliveries in your logistics network
  • Planning & Disposition
    Optimization of planning & ordering processes with consideration of replenishment and stock keeping strategies
  • Warehousing
    Optimization of warehouse & delivery processes for high delivery performance
  • Inventory Management
    Balance inventory level and delivery performance
  • Customer Service
    Establish flexible processes for high customer satisfaction
  • Managing Transports
    Due diligence in service provider and freight forwarders selection