Digitalization & Systems

Digitalization is as much a need as it is an opportunity:
Aligning the ‘success trifecta’ of people, processes, and technology for a digital future.

  • Digital Roadmap
    •Create clarity about the company’s digital future
  • ERP-Systems
    Implementation and optimization of ERP systems as a backbone for efficient core processes
  • Warehouse Management Systeme
    Efficient control of warehouse processes and integration of seam departments (what’s that?) and logistics service providers
  • EDI / WebEDI
    Automated communications with suppliers, service providers, and customers based on standardized EDI messages or web services
  • Connectivity
    Development of custom solutions for the exchange of data and information along the supply chain
  • BI-Tools & Analytics
    With the adoption of BI and analytics tools, opportunities in the supply chain can be made visible and sustainably improved
  • Collaboration & New Work
    Internal workflows and new collaboration models ensure efficiency in your business processes
  • E-commerce
    Online stores with all associated processes (payments, CRM, etc.) and the link to supply chain management open up new market opportunities